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GraphitEl Moscow Electrode Plant, Limited is the first and oldest enterprise of this sort founded in 1933 to manufacture graphite products. In 1958 the plant started producing welding electrodes designed for hand arc welding. Graphite electrodes for electric steel melting furnaces, anodes and bottom blocks for aluminium electrolizers, graphite blocks and rods for nuclear reactors were first produced at Moscow Electrode Plant. At present, the plant has been producing essentially all types of grafites, namely: large-, medium- and fine-grained, as well as graphite-based composites and filled graphites. The above semifinished products are used to manufacture hardware applied in such consumer industries as ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, chemistry and chemical analysis, machine building, semiconductor, nuclear, electrical and radio engineering, glass, quartz and synthetic diamonds industries, aviation, etc. GraphitEl Moscow Electrode Plant, Limited produces and supplies welding electrodes for the assembling and repairs of equipment at power, oil and gas refining, chemical, food, metallurgical, machine building and transport enterprises. The technical and research capabilities, carefully checked and practised technologies and quality control systems help the plant to maintain the high quality of its products at rather low selling prices.

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