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Graphite electrodes are used in arc steel smelting and ore-thermal furnaces for melting high-quality alloy and low-carbon steels, ferroalloys and special alloys.
Advantages of graphite electrodes:

  low specific resistance;
  high thermal stability (high capacity to resist heat impacts);
  low ash content in the electrode that has a favorable effect on the quality of the metal melted.

Moscow Electrode Plant Limited produces graphite electrodes with the diameter of 75 to 500 mm with the properties stated in the chart.

Phisico-mechanical properties of electrodes and nipples
  Property Electrodes 75-200 mm and nipples for them Electrodes 250-500
mm and nipples for them
electrode nipple electrode nipple
Specific electric resistance, mkOmxm, max. 9 8 9 8
Ultimate mechanical strength upon bending (average in the lot), min.
7,8 11, 8 6.9 9,8
Ultimate mechanical strength upon compression (average in the lot), min. 20,6 27,5 19,6 26,5
Ultimate mechanical strength upon rupture (average in the lot), min. 4,0 6,0 4,0 6,0

Permissible current density:
  up to 20 A/cm2 (250-500 mm electrodes);
  up to 25 A/cm2 (75-200 mm electrodes).

Electrodes of 250 mm and more with nipples for them are manufactured with cone screw thread; 200 mm and less upon agreement with a consumer with cone, buttress, cylindrical or metric cylindrical screw threads.
Electrodes are supplied in complete scope of supply with nipples one nipple per electrode.
It is possible to supply electrodes and nipples separately upon agreement with consumers.
It is possible to supply nipples for electrodes in complete scope with stopper heads.

Rating sizes of electrodes:
 Diameter, mm   75   100   125   150   150   200   250   300   350   400   500
 Length, mm   1100   1100   1200   1200   1300   1500   1500   1500   1500   1500   1500
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