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 Metal Electrodes for Hand Arc Welding
 Electrodes OZS-4
 Electrodes OZS-6
 Electrodes OZS-12
 Electrodes -3
 Electrodes -4
 Electrodes YONI-13/45
 Electrodes YONI-13/55
 Electrodes OZL-5
 Electrodes OZL-6
 Electrodes OZL-7
 Electrodes OZL-8
 Electrodes CL-9
 Electrodes CL-11
 Electrodes NG-13
 Electrodes CT-15
 Electrodes NII-48G
 Electrodes NIAT-5
 Electrodes TML-3Y
 Electrodes TML-1Y
 Electrodes TMY-21Y
 Electrodes AI-395/9
 Electrodes AI-400/10Y
 Electrodes CN-12M-67
 Electrodes CH-4

Metal Electrodes for Hand Arc Welding

Moscow Electrode Plant produces electrodes for welding and surfacing operations for different purposes. In the catalogue the is information of electrodes designed for welding and surfacinf the following materials:
 carbon, low-alloy constructional steels;
 high-strength medium-alloy steels;
 high-alloy noncorroding, heat-stable diversified steels and alloys;
 surface layers with special features.

The required properties and serviceability of welded constructions are dictated first of all by the quality of the materials applied, accuracy of their selection and close adherence to the technology of application. The selection of electrodes should be effected considering their designation and specialization according to both their physico-chemical properties of the fused metal (corrosion resistance, wearing qualities, etc.) and welding and technological characteristics (type of current, position of seam in space). In the column Type of current there are the following symbols: ~ alternating current; =(+) direct current of reverse polarity. In the column Productivity the are the data designed for effective or mean values of the welding current, g/min. In the column Mechanical properties if the seam metal there are the data of the impact strength (a , J/cm2), temporary resistance (ultimate strength) (s , Mpa), physical yield stress (s , Mpa), specific elongation (d s, %).
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