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 Antifriction graphite-fluoroplastic materials

AMC-1 grade material
Is used for the blocks of dry friction in gases with normal humidity as well as for the blocks of liquid friction in oil products and liquefied gases: edge thickenings separating such media as oil-gas, kerosene-air; piston rings operating without lubricant in the working cylinders of compressors; for thickening air-fractionating friction blocks cigarette-making machines and so on.
It is not allowed to be applied in direct contact with food products.

Size of moulds, mm
  Diameter or cross section   Length or hight
  Rated   Tolerance   Rated   Tolerance
  150   ±5   150   ±25
  260   ±5   150   ±25

It is possible upon agreement between a factory-consumer and factory-manufacturer to supply moulds of other sizes within the scope of maximum ones.

Phisico-mechanical properties
  Properties   The first-class
  Premium grade
 Dencity, kg/m3 (g/cm3), min.   1740 (1.74)   1760 (1.76)
 Compressive strength,
 MPa (kgc/cm3), min.
  156.9 (1600)   176.5 (1800)

For the parts made of AMC-1 material it is recommended to use cast iron and steel as the countershank material with Rockwell hardness of not less than 40-50 and smoothness - N 9-N 12. Permissible working temperature of products made of AMC-1 material should be within the limit of Ц60 to +200∞ C. It is not allowed to apply products made of AMC-1 material in direct contact with food products.

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