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 Metal Electrodes for Hand Arc Welding

Metal Electrodes for Hand Arc Welding

AHO-4 Electrodes

  State Standard (SS)
  SS 9467-75
  General characterisrics
  For welding significant constructions made
  of low-carbon steels with temporary tensile
  strength up to 500 MPa.
  Position of welded seams.
  Type of current
  The welding is carried out in all space
  positions except the vertical from top
  to bottom upon alternating and direct
  current of any polarity.
  Type of dressing

Characteristics of melting
  Mode of welding   Productivity g/m
  (upon urrent, A)
Output of fused
metal, %
  Diameter, mm Current, A
  3,0 90-140   19,5 (85)   92
  4,0 150-200   27,5 (165)
  5,0 160-270   35,0 (210)
  6,0 270-320   46,5 (275)
  8,0 360-410   54,5 (385)

Chemical composition of fused metal, %
  C Mn Si Cr Mo Ni Nb S P N
        0,040 max 0,045 max  

Mechanical properties of the seam metal
  σ , P   σ , P δ s, %    α , J/sm2, at the temperature,
   +20 -20 -40
  450 min   370-410 22 min    117 min 98 59

Special properties: It is allowed to carry out the welding with lengthened arc and upon oxidized surface.

Application: The above electrodes are recommended for the welding of articles manufactured of carbon steels (up to st. 4): vapor and hot water pipelines of categories 3 and 4, pipelined within the limits of a boiler and turbine with the working pressure of not more than 39 kgc/cm2 and the temperature of not more than 350 C, pipes of boilers heating surface with the working pressure up to 50 kgc/cm2, gas lines and pipelines being in no charge of the State City Technological Inspection except the pipelines for the arrangement of turbines, oil and black oil lines.
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